About Us
Here at Great Beginnings, we believe wholeheartedly in the teaching philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Her ideas regarding education have proven to be timeless, with the centenary anniversary of the opening of the first Montessori Casa Dei Bambini having been celebrated in 2007.

The Montessori approach has endured as it is rooted in a deep understanding of the natural development of the child. In each child, there exist energies that work in tandem to help the child grow and develop into an unique individual. We cannot tap directly into these energies but can manipulate them by providing a suitable environment for the child to learn and mature in.

Our school has been carefully designed with this concept of the prepared environment in mind, with Directresses who provide a dynamic link between the children and the environment. In our school, the aim is to work with the child’s natural tendencies and not against them, thus ensuring that learning is fun and self-motivated.